Printing Labels

CNALH Lichen Labler (version

a program by Daryl Lafferty, Arizona State University

New in version
Bug fix that a label would not print if text was enclosed in double-quotes.

NEW in version
The program now works for printing any kind of specimen packet, which means you can change the title of your labels from “Lichens of …” to anything else, e.g., “Bryophytes of …”.

Options to customize labels directly from the CNLAH database are quite limited.

At Arizona State University we use a small program developed by Daryl Lafferty to print labels directly onto a sheet (letter format) that can then be folded into a packet (the printout includes folding marks and options to print a barcode).

Extract the files from the Zip Archive into a folder on your System Drive (e.g., C:\LichenLabler). The Zip Archive contains the following files:

  • LichenLabeler.exe = the program (double-click to execute)
  • LichenLabelConfig.txt = the configuration parameters
  • 2018-10-03_ASU_lichen-label_EXAMPLE.csv = an example of data downloaded from CNALH
  • ASU_Example-label.pdf = example standard label packet used at ASU
  • ReadMe.txt = a text file with the additions to the configuration options of the new version

The text file LichenLabelConfig.txt can be used to configure the label:

Top 800 = distance of label text from the top
Left 165 = distance of label text from the left
Right 675 = distance of label text from the right
Bottom 1000 = distance of label text from the bottom
BarHeight 25 = height of the barcode
FontSize 8 = font size of the label text
SciNameFont 12 = font size of the Genus + specific epithet
LineSpacing 15 = line size between paragraphs
Title ASU Lichen Herbarium = title printed above the barcode

This new version of the LichenLabeler (ver. now has one significant difference from its previous version:
You can now add a new (optional) line to LichenLabelConfig.txt:

Prefix = The header of the Labels generated by the LichenLabler was previously hard-coded to “Lichens of …”. This text can now be customized to “Bryophytes of …”, or anything else…

Before you start printing you will need to download your label data into a CSV and then load that file using the LichenLabler:

Data Editor Control Panel – Print Specimen Labels
Label Printing – Configure Print Query
Download Labels in CSV format

An example of what a CSV that you download looks like is included in the ZipArchive, named 2018-10-03_ASU_lichen-label_EXAMPLE.csv.

To execute the program double-click LichenLabler.exe. If you use the program frequently, place a shortcut on your desktop. On the first run you will be asked to select the printer that you want to use before a CSV file can be loaded:

LichenLabler – main interface
LichenLabler – open file
Lichen Labler – print preview
LichenLabler – example label

This program is still in beta.
Please send any bug reports and suggestions to