Printing Labels

CNALH Lichen Labler (beta)

a program by Daryl Lafferty, Arizona State University

Options to customize labels directly from the CNLAH database are quite limited.

At Arizona State University we use a small program developed by Daryl Lafferty to print labels directly onto a sheet (letter format) that can then be folded into a packet (the printout includes folding marks and options to print a barcode).

Extract the two files from the Zip Archive into a folder on your System Drive (e.g., C:\LichenLabler). The Zip Archive contains the following files:

  • LichenLabeler.exe = the program (double-click to execute)
  • LichenLabelConfig.txt = the configuration parameters
  • 2018-10-03_ASU_lichen-label_EXAMPLE.csv = an example of data downloaded from CNALH
  • ASU_Example-label.pdf = example standard label packet used at ASU

The text file LichenLabelConfig.txt can be used to configure the label:

Top 800 = distance of label text from the top
Left 165 = distance of label text from the left
Right 675 = distance of label text from the right
Bottom 1000 = distance of label text from the bottom
BarHeight 25 = height of the barcode
FontSize 8 = font size of the label text
SciNameFont 12 = font size of the Genus + specific epithet
LineSpacing 15 = line size between paragraphs
Title ASU Lichen Herbarium = title printed above the barcode

Before you start printing you will need to download your label data into a CSV and then load that file using the LichenLabler:

Data Editor Control Panel – Print Specimen Labels
Label Printing – Configure Print Query
Download Labels in CSV format

An example of what a CSV that you download looks like is included in the ZipArchive, named 2018-10-03_ASU_lichen-label_EXAMPLE.csv.

To execute the program double-click LichenLabler.exe. If you use the program frequently, place a shortcut on your desktop. On the first run you will be asked to select the printer that you want to use before a CSV file can be loaded:

LichenLabler – main interface
LichenLabler – open file
Lichen Labler – print preview
LichenLabler – example label

This program is still in beta.
Please send any bug reports and suggestions to